November 11: Standing Up to Trump’s Environmental Agenda

California Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird
& Assemblymember Mark Stone

Saturday, November 11
Doors open at 10 a.m. | Program starts at 10:30 a.m.
United Methodist Church | 250 California St., Santa Cruz

Free with light refreshments

Assemblymember Mark Stone

Secretary John Laird

It’s clear we are going to increasingly depend upon the State of California to provide its residents with whatever protection the State can against the predations of our President and the federal government. Along with several other social justice and economic issues, the environment is of particular concern when it comes to the effects of the Trump attempt to roll back critically important environmental protections.

On Saturday, November 1, the Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County will present a program about the State of California’s response to the environmental disaster being caused by the Trump Administration and its supporters in Congress.

California’s Secretary of the Natural Resources John Laird, a former mayor of Santa Cruz and State Assemblymember, will discuss Governor Jerry Brown’s response to the federal administration’s attack on environmental regulation related to climate change, clean air and water, endangered species, and marine sanctuary and national monument designations. Assemblymember Mark Stone will discuss legislative action being taken and contemplated by the Legislature to counter the destructive actions on the part of Trump and his allies.

These are both gifted public speakers who have the information necessary for a little optimism in the face of the national crisis from which we all suffer these days. Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience.

The event is free and open to the public.